Today's spending 3.50

I bought coffee today for myself and my cousin, whose pool we were at this afternoon. Another hot day, which I spent working, reading and swimming. I even cooked supper on the BBQ for myself tonight. I still have 33 dollars left in my fun fund.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to a yard sale in the morning to look a book case for my kitchen/dining room. I still have money left from work last night, so that's a relief.

I'm off to watch so TV and may clean the house if the mood strikes.


Canadian Saver said…
Do you count your pt job money as separate?
Sharon said…
I think pools will stay very busy in all of this heat! Great job on the spending...only $3.50!
its me, sam said…
This month I'm determined to live off what my PT job pays ( tips and I did take 60.00 out of the bank from my PT pay on Wednesday to pay for the strawberries and other things). If I make more, I'll bank it for the fall to help pay for rent and gas.

My tips I normally don;t add to the budget as I can never be 100% sure of what I'll bring home, so most weeks. i use it for groceries. Which why when i track my spending through RBC it shows me spending 26.00/ month on groceries. LOL
Maureen said…
You must find it so much easier to not spend when you are just answering to yourself!! I envy you your willpower mine is non existant at the moment.
its me, sam said…
My will power held up well today as i wandered around a clothing store holding 2 sweaters on sale for 9.99 each. After about 20 minutes i put them back and left the store. I'll go shopping at my favorite second hand store this week and look for clothes for the fall.

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