Today's spending 31.75

Of that 26.25 was for my bad habit, 3.00 for a scratch ticket ( and I lost), plus 2.50 for a lotto max ticket that 2 friends and I went in on.

I managed to mow the lawn, hang out laundry, called the University and left a message, no call back, I'll call again tomorrow, booked the dog in the kennel for a few days so i can go camping, tried to make a dentist appt but the office was close, worked and picked raspberries, as I'm going to make jam.

My mother gave me back my 40.00 that I gave her for the strawberries, so my food costs will be just over 200.00.

DD may be coming home in another week or two as she hasn't found a job. We talked last night and she'll work PT while she's in school, as the bank of mom is almost tapped out.


Maureen said…
I was just wondering do you have any other income apart from waiting table and tips ???

If not how hard is it to budget when you have no idea how much you,ll earn weekly. I am a low income earner but I know it,s going to be low every week so I can manage on it.
its me, sam said…
Maureen, I work FT for the provience, and am lucky to work from home for the summer. Come Sept, I'll be back to working away from home ( paying rent and a mortgage really bites).
My FT pays for the mortgage, the car, and the bills, plus a TSFA and RRSP for me.

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