Today I spent emotionally...

Yep, i was very aware of what I was doing! Boredom and missing my girl played a large role in spending today. So the damage was 62.01 2 Wal-mart for 2 more photo albums, 2 picture frames ( I finally framed my degree after 15 years), patches for my jeans and pants. Then I bought a pair of summer sandals with a little heel at Payless for 16.94. Finally i stopped at A&W and the damage was 10.26 on a burger, poutine and onions rings. The food was total emotional eating... i didn't eat all of it, i shared it with the dog. Yesterday i sent 7.00 for coffee and donuts, plus on Thursday i had a beer after work =5.00.

I can say that I now have all the photos in albums and I'm very happy about it. I tossed lots of really bad photos and ones where I was like who is that person or where is that place? So one small garbage bag later, it's done.

I had fresh peas, beans and chicken for supper and I'm making soup stock right now out of the bones. Oh and I screwed up DD's student loan application... I'm waiting for someone to get back to me to fix it... I have a hair appointment for Friday morning - 50.00, dentist next week 75.00.

I just realized what triggered the spending/eating... Going through all those photos brought up a lot of emotions both happy and sad and a few angry ones too! I just realized that I don't have a single photo of myself pregnant for DD. This lead to my brain wandering and thinking about how embarrassed my mother was when I got pregnant, so much so that when one of her sisters offer to have a baby shower for me, she refused. ( which i found out much later). So I'm having a Eureka moment now.

I also realized that no wonder my poor DD is disorganized! The poor child has lived in a Chaotic home since she's been born, which I saw while looking at old photos. Piles of papers, books toys, clothes all over the place. I can say the house is looking better and better every day, but I'm still working on my little piles of papers!

If this 40 year can start to figure how to change things for the better, anyone can...


The Witch said…
Some days you just have to do it.
Sounds like you are making great progress in the basement and organizing all your photo's. I tried to do this years ago and got so far then I just gave up. Maybe when I retire I'll get around to it.

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