Today I slept in!

I got home last night at around 1:30, after an evening filled with talking to old friends, listening to 2 great bands play, and having a few beer. I spent 24.00 while out, 16.00 on beer tickets ( 4x4)and 6 on a greasy hot dog , fries and a pespi and some where along my travels i lost a Twoonie. I took 2 advil, drank some water, fed the dog my left over french fries and took him out for a pee, then fell fast asleep. At 6:30, the dog licked my hand, as if to say I need the bathroom now please, so I got up, realized there was no power, after trying to turn on the fan and running down stairs to check the breakers, and looking at the board in what was a semi-conscious state thinking why are all the breakers the same way? DOH... I took the dog outside to do his business, filled his dish and went back to bed, laying in DD's bed as the breeze was beautiful coming through her window. The next thing I knew it was 10:00 and I was ready to greet the day. I made coffee, as the power was back on, drank some water, ate left over pizza, grapes and chips for breakfast, walked the dog and now, I'm ready for a power nap!

I go to work in a few hours, so I'll have a nap, get up, eat, play with the dog, shower and off I go to make some money.( 125.00 is what I want to make!).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday afternoon.


Sharon said…
Okay, so now I have junk food envy...

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