Thursday Spending

2.00 for a coffee, 5.00 for the lottery pool at my PT job ( 43 million divided by 15 people would be sweet) and yesterday I spent 6.22 for treats for DD on the plane. That leaves me with 35.78 out of my fun money for the month. I worked tonight for 5.5 hours and brought home 40.00. So I'm pleased, as I'll use it for buying fruit tomorrow and a few veggies, or maybe I'll just wait and buy groceries on Sunday or Monday, when I have no fresh stuff left. I'll need coffee by then too!

It's once again very hot, but I managed to mow the lawn this morning. It was the first time in a month that I did it, as DD's father did it when he was here for graduation. DD called and left a message saying all was well. I sent her a message on facebook, giving her my shifts in the next week, so we can chat when she's available.

Tomorrow I work form home, and I'll get some cleaning done early, so in the afternoon I can go for a swim and relax for an hour or two ( my cousin has a pool, and we can pop down anytime to use it!)


Maureen said…
A very low spend day so well done. Enjoy your swim.
Sharon said…
It sounds like you are doing well! And the extra cash coming in is awesome...

but don't ya hate it when you are out of coffee? :)

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