Thursday and friday spends

Thursday i spent nothing, as I grabbed the chance to pick up an extra shift at my PT job ( and it was raining to beat the band). I made 40.00 last night.

Today I bought dog food, 2 cans of coffee, clementines, cherries, a watermelon and a multi pack of dip for Sunday afternoon ( I' going to a BBQ and I'll bring the dip, along with bread and a salad) total spent was 52.93.

I worked today and made 100.00 even, so I was quite pleased. I also paid all my bills and will end the month in the black!

I work again tomorrow night, so I'll make between 100-150 tomorrow night ( fingers crossed).

Tomorrow I'll pick some raspberries and blueberries, and I think I'll make some muffins with the fruit. I can freeze the muffins for snacks.

I ran into one of my moms sisters today and she noticed that I was losing weight! Yahoo! I weighted myself yesterday and I'm down to about 158 ( 20lbs since January). The biggest changes I've made in my diet is I eat very little bread, and following the 50/25/25 rule ( 50% veggies, 25% carbs, 25% protein) most days. I snack very little, and don't buy chips unless I'm going to share! I'd eat the entire bag in one go when given a chance. I'd like to get down to 135 by June 2011. 23 pounds in 48 weeks is doable!


Maureen said…
Good to see more money coming in than going out.

You are making me feel guilty that I,m not making any progress on my diet.
Sharon said…
Great job on losing weight! I lost 24 lbs last year, but sadly have gained back 8. I would love to get down to 135, but it is going really s l o w.

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