Sunday spending

Bulk Barn- 13.25 - raw hide bones, BBQ peanuts, sunflower seeds ( hulled), oatmeal, organic tortilla chips and spices

Wally Mart- 28.90- for hot water bottle ( part of a gift), dog treats, cereal, smart food, yogurt and freezer bags

Sobey's- 22.71- crackers, tuna, grapes, veggies and a frozen pasta dish ( I'll get 2 meals out of it for 4.99)


Sharon said…
yum, barbeque peanuts...that sounds very yummy!

You got great prices for everything you got!
its me, sam said…
I have left for the next 19 days- 72.47 for groceries - 12.28 for fun ( I know I'll be spending more in that area) and 33.09 for gas ( going to go over in that area too!).

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