Sunday spending, July 18, 2010

I ended up putting 5.00 into our Lotto Max pool last night, as I decided that I would be very upset if they one and I didn't put my money in. I worked and made 80.00, which was great, considering my sales were about 700.00. The 80 should last me all week, as I'll need dog food ( 20.00), money for the movies ( Tuesday is cheap night 5.99, plus split a bag of popcorn with my sister and bring my own drink 10.00). Add 10.00 for tubing, plus a another 10.00 for misc, and I should be good! I get paid twice this week, so my PT cheque will be going in to help pay for Septembers rent.

I can pick up a shift on Friday if I like at the restaurant, which would be good, as it would give me 16 hours for the week. I'll let the lady know for sure later on today. I have nothing planned for the week-end, so I'm thinking I can make good money and tuck it away.

I talked to DD last night for 1.5 hours on the phone. i called her after I got home from work. We had a good chat and she's bored by times, no job yet... But she's spending time with her dad and a lot of time skpying with her friends!


Sharon said…
How long did you work last night? $80.00 sounds great! It sounds like you have a fun week ahead, which reminds me that I really need to plan something fun into this week!
its me, sam said…
Sharon I worked 8 hours, but only took tables for 4 hours, the rest of the night was spent covering breaks and managing the restaurant. It works out to 19.00/hour. Not bad for a PT job.
Maureen said…
That is a pretty good rate of pay, however you have to bare in mind that these are anti-social hours and thats why. Have a great week.

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