Spending for July 6th

I spent 23.41 on 8 steaks ( they'll last me all summer), 24.37 for stuff for the BBQ, and 43.22 on gas ( plus I got 1.50 back in CT money). So I have 33.09 left for gas ( which may not be enough), 137.33 for groceries. I've completed my errands for the day, now i need to do some more work for work and get ready for tonight!

I just deleted a comment, sorry to who wrote it. My fingers are working faster than my brain today!


Sharon said…
Gas is expensive, isn't it? You are doing awesome, and I'm particularly impressed with your energy to work an extra job!
Maureen said…
It was,nt my comment. Congrats on all you,ve achieved so far and I am enjoying reading your blog.

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