No strawberries to be found!

The strawberries were sold out yesterday, so no jam making for me today. I did buy jars however, and the pectin I needed. So on some day soon, I'll be making the freezer jam. I also bought 16 chicken breast BOGO- for a total of 37.00, it'll be enough to last me all summer.

I worked last night and it was busy! I ended up with 90.00 in my pocket, so I was happy with that. I'm hoping to clear another 200-250 this week-end! Today, DD will complete her thank you cards, she got close to 1800 in cash for graduation, plus sheets, towels, and jewelery!

Happy Canada Day all!


Canadian Saver said…
Oh I didn't see the chicken breasts on sale...

Lots of strawberries in the fields here... my parents went this morning and picked some for $55. My mom said it took them less than 45 minutes.

Enjoy your Canada Day!
its me, sam said…
I'll have to find a field!
The Witch said…
Happy Canada Day.
The sale on chicken breasts was great. Strawberries were also sold out in the grocery stores but the you pick will be opening on Monday and it is fabulous because you are picking for yourself. No half ripened crap or over ripe berries.
DD made out good from family.

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