Money spent today and it's not pretty!

2 new bras = 48.77 ( totally not planned, but there was a sale and they had my size) ( cash)
body pillow, bleach, photo album = 33.26 ( debit)
2 bags of chips( for the beach later on this week), CD wallet, photo album, grill pan for BBQ= 48.25 ( 20 in cash, the rest of debit).
4.60 for the elderly lady that was short of cash in front of me ( i didn't tell her and neither did the cashier, the lady was looking for things to put back when I did it).
29.24 for 3times my bad habit and a 3.00 scratch ticket.
28.92 for 2 movie tickets and treats ( I'm treating my sister tonight, it's a surprise).

Now I'm off to BBQ steak and asparagus for supper ( I'll cook all the asparagus on the BBQ and eat the leftovers tomorrow with some eggs).

I managed to do 3 loads of laundry today, fold and put them away. I walked the dog and worked too!


JacqJolie said…
Awesome on you for taking care of the lady in front of you Sam! I know it seems like a small amount, but those little things can just make you feel so awesome after. Totally worth it!
Sharon said…
I LOVE that you helped the woman in front of you at the store! Not bad spending, and it seems you got a lot of cool stuff!

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