The money I've spent so far this month...

Broken down by category:
groceries- 212.75
restaurant/ice cream -39.64

total =953.35

So I had budgeted 450 to spend this month. I did not initially include smoking, clothing, or the house in my budget ( the total for that is 288.12)

What I've learned so far this month:

a) being honest with myself is the key to balancing the books ( no wonder any budget I've ever done has failed)
b) Becoming a non-smoker is becoming more and more of a reality every day...
c) I can say no to a whole lot of things...
d) budget for pets


The Witch said…
Just catching up on your last few post and you have had quite the busy time. Your budget breakdown actually looks good. I hope you can quit smoking. Do you have a start date or are you just going to try it cold turkey?
Glad you had a nice day at the beach.
Maureen said…
Oh my goodness next to food which we can not live without, smoking is your next biggest expenditure. This should be a wake up call. I hope you can manage to kick the habit soon.
Sharon said…
I never realized how expensive smoking was...hope that you can kick the habit and start spending that money on something fun!

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