Monday spends

40.65 on gas ( got 1.05 back in CT money), plus 17.49 on my bad habit! Plus 5.00 on McD's for the drive home last night = 63.14.

I've over spent 7.56 for gas already
Fun stuff -over by 5.21 ( I've included my bad habit in here just to see how much I actually spend on it and it's not pretty so far)
I have 67.47 left for groceries, and I'll spend 15.98 on 2 cans of coffee later on this week, leaving me a total of 51.49 for the rest of the month.

I figure I'll put 1 more tank of gas in this month ( 60.00), and as far as my bad habit goes- I just figured that it'll cost me another 78.71 cents for the month at this rate! Yikes!


Sharon said…
okay, what is your bad habit??

You can make it, I know you can!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly money can leave you? Sigh.
Maureen said…
That is one expensive bad habit you,ve got going on !!! I gave my bad habit up the day and hour my Hubby had his first heart attack ( he was only 48 years old ) It,s amazing how much of an incentive that is.
its me, sam said…
Smoking is my bad habit! And now that I'm making a conscious effort to track my money this month, I'm starting to get it! I'm seeing another "choosing to be smoke free" date looming soon!

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