July 14th spending

2.75 for a double scoop on chocolate peanut butter parfait ice cream. Picture chocolate ice cream with a ripple of peanut butter through out and lots of miniature peanut butter cups waiting to be discovered! I'd say it was money well spent today!

I know have 64.72 left for the month! I most likely will go over, but I love the fact that I'm keeping track of every penny that's coming in and I'm spending the cash I make at my PT job ( I did take 60 out in cash and I found a card with 50.00 in DD's room while cleaning, so I transferred the funds and put it in my jar).

Today I dropped off some of DD's thank you cards. I ended up with 2 huge bags of books to read over the summer! I also got an message from some high school friends who want to start organizing our 25th high school reunion that will take place in 2 years.

I talked to my sister today and the deal for the house is: I'll continue to pay the mortgage and insurance, they'll pay the bills ( hydro, oil, phone and water) total potential saving for me 5,000.00 ( I should save debt repayment). Pray their house sells by Sept 1!


Sharon said…
Okay, now I'm really hungry for ice cream! Definitely money well spent!

I think I missed something with your house situation. Does your sister live in your house?
Maureen said…
Great that you and Sister have reached a financial decision that is going to benefit you both.
Canadian Saver said…
I missed the part about your sister????

That ice cream sounds awesome!!
ZenGirl said…
Hi Sam,

I just found your blog, I am also doing no spend month and share weekly stat. I think you are doing great as I just read all your daily post! Keep up the great work!

and good luck with debt being zero. I am working on mine too.

its me, sam said…
My sister is trying to get out of debt after her husband has just finished school and she worked sporadically the past 2 years. They're selling their house and going to live here. It's a win -win situation, I'll have someone in my house while I'm gone, and they'll get some of their debts paid and me too!

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