I spent 3.25 today

I bought a coffee for myself and a friend today. I ventured out of the yard today after supper and decided to drop in and bring a coffee. It got me out of the house and talking to someone ( you can only talk to the dog so much).

I will say that living by myself has some perks. Meals are the best example. I only eat when I feel hungry. Today I had 2 yogurt, a massive salad with spinach, romaine, tomatoes, green onion, salsa and spicy chicken, with a small handful of crushed tortilla chips for crunch. Later on I had a Clementine, and I'll have some cherries and cheese in a bit.

On the house cleaning note, I have about 5 minutes work of "stuff" to put away in DD's room. Then all I have to do is mop the floors and dust, and strip the bed.

My room is de-cluttered and just needs daily maintenance, the same goes for the hallway and bathroom. I'm going to finish the kitchen over the next 2 days, then I'll finish the living room. I will have to buy a CD case and a DVD case, along with 2 photo boxes this week ( unplanned for the month, but I want the clutter gone out of living room).

That's it for me tonight, I'm off to finish the last little bit of DD's room!


Jolie said…
You are doing fantastic...in every way, shape and form.
Jessie said…
I know that since Jordan and I have been living together - I eat more...we have a formal supper just about every night. Though lunches and breakfasts we typically handle ourselves.

Part of that though, i think, is that i grew up with a formal supper every night and I love the conversations that go along with a sit down dinner
Maureen said…
I am always saying that I would manage my budget and spending a lot better if I lived alone. But then who would I argue with LOL :)

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