I made my 80.00 tonight

I hit my goal and made 80.00, and I worked my butt off! Busy but good! Now to catch some sleep and work again tomorrow!


The Witch said…
SAM: It pays to work your butt off.
What do you find is the average tip your receive, or do most customers follow a 10% or 15% rule?
We usually do the 15% rule unless the service is crap.
This time of year we tend to dine out more because the area is so beautiful to sit and watch the water or kids jumping off the bridge.
its me, sam said…
Average tip is between 10-20% for me. It rally depends on the day and the clients that are in the restaurant. 2.5% of our total sales is given to the kitchen no matter what we make in tips. So after I pay the kitchen staff ( they get their share based on how many hours they work and it's distributed every 2 weeks). My rule of thumb is for every hour I work, I expect to make 10-15/ hour in tips ( lasts nights average was 13.91/hour in tips).

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