I made 60 and spent 39.69

Yes, i worked again today and made 60.00. However, i stopped on the way home and wasted 39.69 on my bad habit, a 3.00 scratch ticket ( and i didn't win anything), plus the local paper which I bought because there is a photo of DD on prom night in it. my plans for the night include doing nothing! I may eat something, but I may not. I honestly just want to go to bed, as working at my Pt job 6 out of the 7 past days has wiped me out!
Tomorrow I'll work from home, buy a few groceries ( I have 25-35 budgets for the BBQ tomorrow night and put some more gas in my vehicle). I have 49 dollars left in my "fun" budget left for the month... I'm going to have to get creative!


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