Friday spends...

50.00 haircut
11.50 farmers market ( tomatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots)
3.50 sausage in a bun
1.30 mail
14.00 2 photos of DD's graduation
40.00 for groceries- toilet paper, milk, cream, bacon, baguette, smoke detector ( I bought one that needs to be hard wired in June... It'll go in the basement)
1.75 coffee
3.86 Dollar store on large envelopes, smart food and 2 hershey's bar with almonds and toffee

Supper tonight - fresh tomatoes, onions, olive oil and chive vinegar, baguette and dip.

Tomorrow night I'm going to have grilled zucchini, BBQ chicken and grilled peppers, with roasted red potatoes.


Sharon said…
Ugh, I forgot to go to the farmer's market yesterday...and your dinners sound delicious!!!
Jolie said…
The veggies sound does the chocoloate :P
its me, sam said…
I have to say the bar was great! I actually took about 15 minutes to eat it. I let the pieces melt in my mouth and actually tasted every bit. I have the second in the freezer waiting for me when the mood strikes!

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