Fly baby girl, Fly!

So, my DD left today for the other coast to spend the summer working and living with her dad. We chatted about life, school, boys on the way to the airport. I told her that if she didn't feel ready to go to school/ university in the fall, I was ok with it. ( considering she hasn't registered for her courses yet, i think is a good indication that she may not be ready). I also told that if she wanted to stay and live with her dad that was ok too.

She grabbed my hand as we were waking to the gate, and we both had a little cry, and off she went, to a new city, and new experiences and adventures. I waited at the airport until she boarded the plan, blew kisses at her shed another couple of tears and watched her wipe away a few too.

So baby girl, all momma can say is FLY, baby girl, FLY and enjoy a new beginning!

Love you,



Sharon said…
How hard that must have been! Now it's your turn....any new adventures up your sleeve???? :)
Maureen said…
And so a new beginning opens up for Mum, and it,s your time to fly.
Canadian Saver said…
This was very sad to read... glad I didn't see that goodbye at the airport :-(

How will you guys communicate? Text, Skype? It's so much cheaper than when I was in college and had to use a payphone to call home!

Hope you don't miss her too much :-(
its me, sam said…
We're going to Skype and message on facebok. Mainly skpye so she can see the dog too!
Jolie said…
There is a great 90s country song by Suzy Bogguss called "Letting Go". It's perfect for this moment.
its me, sam said…
Thanks Jolie, I'm going to find that song!
The Witch said…
As one door closes and DD will be flying solo for the first time, and you will always just be a skype away.
Now's the time for a new beginning for you without the worry of having to get home and be a Mom.
Enjoy some of the Summer and have fun doing whatever and whenever you like.
I think DD will be home sooner than you think. She is going to miss her MOM!!

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