Day 2 of limited spending

So far today I spent:

28.00 for 2 tickets ( I'll get half back)
15.36 for sunglasses ( I not longer own any for some reason)
4.06 mailing old letters to DD's father ( I bought an envelope at the post office as I didn't have one big enough)
3.39 for a new toilet bowl brush
17.49 on my bad habit

I still need to pay for my ticket for the play and DD's prescription for another 20.00
total for today= 88.30-14.00 = 74.30.

I made 40.00 in 3 hours at work today. I work 2 shifts more this week and three next week ( around 24 hours). So I'll have a decent sized pay this month. The pay is going into a separate account to pay for my rent and gas in the fall 1275 rent, 1275 gas = 2550. I would like to have this amount saved by August 30th. If I work 24 hours a week at my PT job for the next 8 weeks, I could save close to 4,000.00. I think I like this number!

Tomorrow I work, so I'll be driving but I have no plans to spend any money, as we'll eat what's in the house. I'll buy a few things at the grocery store on Tuesday, as DD may have a BBQ here to say good bye to her friends before she leaves. I have all the burgers and dogs i need, just some salad fixings is all we need.


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