Day 1 of limited spending for July

I spent zero dollars and drove no where. I had a very relaxing day reading, cleaning and spending time with friends. I also managed to give back items that belonged to others when they dropped by.

I also found letters written to DD by her father many years ago. As a part of my letting go of clutter process, I bundled them up, wrote a note to him and have them ready to mail back. The entire bottom drawer of my filing cabinet is filled with old photos, papers and drawing that DD has done over the years. It's time to purge this and narrow it down to 10-20% of what's in there now. I still have every card I received when DD was born, so I've decided to take a photo of them all and then recycle them. The same goes with cards from Christmas and birthdays long past, photos and them dump them. I will keep a few, like the last card I received from my maternal grandparents. I've found cards from people that I can't remember who they are and things from old boys friends that have no meaning other than clutter.

Today I'll work this morning for work, run some errands with DD ( banking and prescription pick-ups), work the lunch rush, home to work again, clean and attend a play tonight. I'm going to pick up tickets that I need for the month ( cost will be about 55.00, but I'll get 20 back from a friend). Plus 5.00 for the prescription. Groceries can wait until later on in the week, as I have to figure out what to do with the frozen hot dogs and hamburgers left over from DD's party. I may ask my neighbour, who runs a youth group at her church if they would like them for a BBQ for the kids.


its me, sam said…
So far today I spent:

28.00 for 2 tickets ( I'll get half back)
15.36 for sunglasses ( I not longer own any for some reason)
4.06 mailing old letters to DD's father ( I bought an envelope at the post office as I didn't have one big enough)
3.39 for a new toilet bowl brush
17.49 on my bad habit

I still need to pay for my ticket for the play and DD's prescription for another 20.00
total for today= 88.30-14.00 = 74.30
Sharon said…
Not bad at all!

Isn't it great to purge? I love the feeling of decluttering...It's just a pain to get started!

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