Training new staff

That's what I did last night, i had a new staff shadowing me for 5 hours, and you know what? I had a blast! Last night it was a steady busy, not a frantic running like a chicken with my head cut off busy. So i had lots of time to spend with her showing her how to ring in tables, orders, etc. She is very bright and caught on quick. I move fast, and she kept up to me. As i was working with her, I thought of all the good habits i wanted her to learn, like if your not busy, bus tables in a section that needs it, run food for others, get drinks for others, etc.

I didn't make a ton of money last night, but I had lots fun talking to different tables and meeting new people. In fact, in the fall, I may start taking dance classes again, for the first time in over 20 years. Jazz and tap... Oh how I loved my high heels tap shoes when i was in high school!

DD was away yesterday, and bought her lipstick to wear for prom. It's a beautiful red, similar to what I used to wear when I was younger. Now all she needs is something to wear for graduation, and I'm hoping she finds it soon! She off again today with another friend to another city to help her find shoes and make-up for prom. DD is the resident make-up artist and if she could get paid for her services, she'd be rolling in money!

Yesterday I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done around the house and that was it! ( the afternoon I spent in a theater watching part of a dance show, way too long 1.5 hours for 14 spots, I had to work and there was 26 dances left!). I must go and get a few things knock off the list


Canadian Saver said…
The graduation's coming up so fast!!

You really like training new employees? It's one of the jobs I dislike most, probably cuz I know how important it is, and I'm scared to forget crucial stuff. But training them like we want them to work is a good thing!
its me, sam said…
I like training new staff for the restaurant and my "real" job. I like to train people so that they have the skills necessary for the job. I always think that when your starting somewhere new, the person who trains you can make a huge difference in their attitude.

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