Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest ( but not in my case)

Today's productivity list includes:
all the new door trim and base board installed thanks to the help of my uncle
the front walk way has the bulk of the weeds pulled and tomorrow I'll be installing landscape fabric, plus new mulch and planting a few new things
the rose bed has been weeded, plus the dead branches removed
dishes are done
supper cooked ( By DD)
the sink and vanity are in the bathroom ( not installed yet)
kitchen floor washed
2 loads of laundry done
put gas in the car ( 59.39 to be exact)
had our first ice cream of the summer ( 5.30 spent on 2 medium).

DD and I talked about not buying any groceries this week until we absolutely need to. So we'll be eating out of the pantry and using up what's in the fridge/freezer. I ran out of my usual coffee yesterday, but there's a bag of Starbuck's here, so I'll finish that before I buy my usual coffee.

I'm off to sit in front of the TV for a bit, then bed!


Canadian Saver said…
Good idea to eat out of your pantry :-) I need to do that too! Our freezer is overflowing.......

You sure got a lot done!!
The Witch said…
That will be my challenge this week to just eat out of our pantry and freezer. Great inspiration. I think DD is a very wise daughter.
I know you are really going to miss her while she's away at university.
Can't wait to see more pictures of the reno.

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