Spending for Friday

I spent 30.00 @ Kent's on handles and a thing for the clothes line. I spent around 100.00 for plants ( 2 are perennials I think their a Japanese willow tree with soft green and pink colors), 40 for a few groceries, including a fruit tray for DD for her last school activity.

I also delivered invites to the party to my Dad's side of the family. Some of my family asked what they could bring and one will buy pop and a fruit tray, another will be getting 2 packages of beer cups ( its this stuff that adds up quick, so that's the kind of things I'd like people to bring). Today I'll deliver invites to my mom's side of the family, plus we've been invited to 2 grad parties today, plus DD is doing make-up for a local dance show.

So for today's agenda:
install trim in bathroom
plant flowers, install landscape fabric on front walk way
deliver invitations
attend 2 parties
normal household stuff


Canadian Saver said…
Again, sounds busy busy there! You are right about the extras adding up fast so I'm glad both sides of the family should help you!

Have a great day :-) It's a beautiful one!
Jolie said…
You are totally correct. It is all those little things for a party that add up so sneakily.
its me, sam said…
So far, 1 party down, DD will attend 1 more for sure, if not a second one, my sister and I are going to one, dropped off invitations to family ( a 3 hours process as we have to chat with everyone, including my great aunt who is 96 and adores my DD), did some yard work and attempted the trim, but need a bigger miter box so that's on hold until Monday, and cleaned up dog poo. Tomorrow I'll be applying mud, cleaning the living room/ kitchen and more yard work.

When grad week is all over, I'm doing nothing for a day except walk the dog and be totally self-indulgent!

Oh and found out the dates for 3 more parties that D's friends are having. I'm making a calendar with the dates so I know what's happening when!

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