Spending the day in my room

Since about 7 this morning, I've been cleaning my room ( with breaks in between). DD has a rod in her closet now, so all of her clothing is where it belongs! Plus her dresser and book case is back in her room too!

I still have a pile of things on the floor to go through, but its a small pile.( Compared to what was there). I washed the closet down and the floor, placed a mat inside to keep my shoes and sandals on. Stripped the bed, completed 6 loads of laundry, washed the window and threw out a ton of things ( 6 sheer curtains, 8 pillow cases, 3 scarves), plus started a small donate pile ( a few sweaters, white sheets that are too scratchy of my liking, and a few scarves that neither one of us wanted anymore, but are still in good shape).

I spent 85.00 at the grocery store this morning, on 2 bags of dog food, 2 lemon pies@ buy 1 get 1 free for fathers day, milk, eggs, bacon, 3 cases of pop, rotisserie chicken. There was no tax at the superstore today, so 7.22 was what i didn't spent in taxes.

My sister came to visit yesterday, and brought me, 1 new blouse, 1 pair of yoga pants, a dress, denim capris and a new t-shirt. She refused to take any money, so the grand total for the clothing I have to wear for graduation comes to a total of 25.00 for 2 dresses, 1 skirt and shirt! ( I have 3 school activities to attend in the next 5 days!).


Canadian Saver said…
I'm always amazed at how much you do... really since January your house must look like a brand new one!!

That sounds great about the graduation outfits, definitely cheap!!

Enjoy your Sunday :-)

Oh, Gill over at That British Woman posted a link about the new Shoppers Drug Mart redemption levels going into effect on July 1st, if you haven't heard...
its me, sam said…
I heard about the Shoppers redemption. We're going to go and stock up tomorrow, we'll get stuff for the party and the house!

As soon as the cleaning crew is done tomorrow, I'll post photos! ( the cleaning crew is my family, gotta love them!)
The Witch said…
I think we sound call you "Sam the Wonder Women" The clean-up crew shouldn't have too much to do.
Gotta love Sisters who look after us just because they love us.
Can hardly wait to see the pictures.

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