Speaking to my boss

I spoke with my boss the other day. I got my evaluation back and it was not so good ( I wasn't surprised at all, but he was). I was honest in saying that I found the winter months were difficult to get through, and that I was not being true to myself and therefore letting others down. I told him that i was going in the hole every month for the job ( he was surprised about that one, and that's why I had to work every week-end to stay afloat). He asked about the house, and I told him I can't make any decisions about selling now, as I don't know where I'll be next year. Overall I was please with the way things went. If I had to sign the contract over again, I would not take the pay raise, but negotiate for room and board, plus transportation costs. Who knows, maybe it'll change and that's what I'll be compensated for instead.

Today is DD's last day of public school forever! It's finally sinking in that she is really going to graduate in 2 weeks!


paisley penguin said…
Congratulations on your DD's graduation. We have two years for kid #1 and four years for kid # 2.
Canadian Saver said…
Wow, I don't know if I could talk to my boss about finances...

I've moved away for work and I had a 45 minute commute each way for another job and both times, I couldn't get ahead. Sometimes it's better to stick close to home and have a smaller pay :-)

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