Life's first Adult lesson came at graduation for DD

DD did not win one single bursary at graduation. Not one, despite the fact that many were based on financial need, and she saw kids whose parents combined make over 200,000 a year get them. She cried, she dropped the F bomb more than once. Not only for herself, but for her friends who could use the money as much as she could and got nothing. The small town mentality of its who you are and not what you can do has kicked in again. A sad lesson to learn on the night of graduation, but one she'll never forget.

She got her black pearls from me for graduation, and wore them that night, plus she wore the ring that her father and grandfather picked out for her grandmother when her dad was 3. I know it meant a lot to them, as her grampie's eyes teared up when I mentioned it to him.

Her party went well, her father, her grampie and grammie ( dad's side long divorced ), thanked me for all that she's become and for making them feel wanted and appreciated at her party. We had about 80-90 people stop by, plus around 25 of her friends came after and hung out.

I'm slowly cleaning the house up, and thankful that I raised such a good kid. Now let's bring the rest of the summer and the rest of my life!


Debt Free Girl said…
Congrats to both of you!
Jolie said…
That would have been a very hard life lesson. I'm sorry that had to be part of the whirly emotions she had on her special day.
paisley penguin said…
Congratulations! Enjoy your summer!
Canadian Saver said…
Oh that's too bad about the bursaries :-( Glad everything else went well... sounds like a great time!

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