It's looking better in here!

DD's bedroom floor is back together, so that's another thing knocked off the list, 2 of the doors are hung and have knobs on them, plus the bathroom now has 2 coats of paint, which means I can put a third tomorrow, then lay the floor on Monday. I'll have to buy the trim on Monday, so I can get that installed, then I should be able to have the sink installed in the bathroom someday next week!

This morning I'll fix the gyp-rock around the new door ( where I didn't do the best cutting out the area for the new door, and install the first layer of mud). I'll put the third layer of mud up in the closet, so I can sand and prime it, then get that area painted this week too!

I also need to pick out paint for the hallway and the back door. I'll come up with a plan of action for each day, so I can tackle house stuff, work and life stuff.

I have to make phone calls this afternoon, plus book the dog in the kennel for a few days at the end of the month ( 2 days so that I can have a clean house for the grad party, and the night of the party).

DD has 5 days of classes left, then exams. I don;t think she'll miss school but she'll miss a few of her teachers. A few of her teachers she's invited to her grad party, so it will be interesting to see if they come.

while I'm on the topic of the grad party, I think I may have underestimated... If everyone shows up, including DD's friends... 132 people will be traipsing through my house during the course of the evening. OMG. I'm hoping that people will come at staggered times, so I'm not overwhelmed!

I must be off and do the never ending laundry pile and clean the kitchen.


Jolie said…
OH my you certainly do have a full list of things to do on your list. I meant to tell you how impressed I am at how much of the work you are doing yourself. So much respect for you.
its me, sam said…
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its me, sam said…
I can't take all the credit, my parents finished the floor and my uncle hung the doors this week. I totally forgot about my goddaughters dance show this afternoon, so I'm off to that for an hour or two, then right off to work I go!

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