I'll be a busy mom this week.

DD will be buying some of her books for school this week, plus taking a short trip and then she's leaving for the summer. That's right, she going to live with her Dad for the summer and work out on the west coast.

As for me, I'm working 5 shifts in total the restaurant this week.I'll make some decent money and use that cash to take part in Midlife Mom's challenge. So my numbers look this for the month of July-
Food- 200.00
Gas- 120.00 ( I have to drive DD to the nearest airport, so I want to ensure I have enough money for this)
Extras - 150.00 ( dog food, fun for me, and I'll have the money put aside for having the cat put down).

I plan on only driving when I have to work, so I'll be planning my errands for those days, plus there may be a day when I decided to go to the beach or tubing, and both are a 45 minute drive from here.

My food cost may seem a little wonky as it'll be just me for the majority of the month, but as I have very little in the fridge and freezer right now, I figure I'll have to buy fruit,veggies and meat to eat.

My sister and I are going to make freezer jam with strawberries tomorrow, so I'll be buying strawberries today, plus chicken breasts.

I must fly now and tidy the kitchen and living room before I start my work day!


The Witch said…
It sounds like you are going to have a very busy week. I'm going to pick some Strawberries also since I'm off this week.
Tubing sounds like it would be really fun. Does the place have a company name so I can look it up?
We only have water-slides that you can tube down which aren't much fun.
I bet you will really miss DD but I think it is good for her to work away and build some independence. What kind of job is she planning to working at.
Just catching up on some of your last post and was shocked that she didn't get any bursaries.It always seems that the two family incomes get them. Whats up with that?
Hope you enjoy your day.
its me, sam said…
Hi Witch, here are some of the companies that run on the Miramichi river. It would be about a 4 hour drive ( or less), but you could make an over night stay of it!

1.) http://www.stewartstubing.com/

2.)Kenzie's Tubing - Miramichi River

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ID: 16294
Kenzie's Tubing - Miramichi River Route 420 - 35kms south-west of Miramichi City
Miramichi, New Brunswick,
Toll Free: 1-877-778-8823

3.) 506-622-3756/ 506-622-0337
48 Kersey Lane, Route 118 Hwy
Doyles Brook, New Brunswick
its me, sam said…
I forgot to add that they rent small tubes for coolers for your beverages. Plus they all have places to safely store your keys!
The Witch said…
Thanks for the info! I'm going to look into this, it sounds like huge fun and a tube for my beverage too.
Sharon said…
You'll have to share what it's like to only worry about yourself for meals! I would save a TON of money if it were just me! :)!

We have an abundance of strawberries here, jam sounds like a fun thing to do!

Thanks for joining me this month! I'll keep checking up on you so that I have some inspiration!
Canadian Saver said…
Oh I hope things go well for DD out West!! Bet you'll really miss her!
its me, sam said…
The ticket arrived in my in-box! So, it's a go!

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