Getting my home back together.

I'm not the most organized person in the world. I tend to pile stuff like papers and then ignore them until they fall over. However, I'm working on getting my house in order. I found "" over a month ago, and started with the first step, shining my sink. I've been making sure that my dishes are done everyday and I clean out the sink after. Simple, but effective. I've been working on simple things, like folding the laundry as soon as i hear the dryer go off and putting it away. I've even managed to empty all the laundry baskets, even the one full of paperwork, and found things I thought I had lost.( Like DD's medical alert!). Today I plan on cleaning out the computer desk drawers.

I think I'm going to join Midlife mom and do the challenge for the month of July and reduce my spending. I'll sit with the calendar and figure out what's happening this month and plan things from there! ( I want to attend one festival and one play in July, plus tubing once and a trip to the beach). I won't be spending money on beer, as I have lots for the summer, and food wise, I suspect that my expenses will be down.


Sharon said…
Oh, I would so LOVE the company!!! :)

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