add another gallon of paint to my total please!

My mother told me she had a brand new gallon of paint at home white with a touch of pink. So we stirred and shook the can. The color... think of the soft pink of an apple blossom, too pink for a hallway, but it'll be perfect for a bedroom! I ended up getting a soft yellow for the hallway and back door. I'll be painting the hall, but the back door will wait until later on this summer.

So today's goal will be finish painting the closet, the hall and the bedroom. I also need to vacuum the kitchen and living room and install the hanging rod in DD's bedroom.

I got the spray paint for DD's bed, plus hooks for towels ( I decided against a towel bar), a mirror, a shower caddy, a broom and dust pan as mine is trashed from all the drywall dust, and some groceries. Total spent was 135, plus 45 at the paint store. I priced hot dogs and hamburgers and the best deal is 60/30.00 for burgers, plus 130 hotdogs for 25.50. So I'll be spending 85.50 for meat for the party, plus buns which I'll get at the outlet.

Spending for next week looks like it'll be Monday - money for DD's appointment (40.00). She going for a follow up with her old therapist as her anxiety level is increasing ( her Dad is coming), and it's for preventative measures.
Hair cut for me, DD's updo for prom, gel inserts for DD's prom shoes, groceries, bills, gifts for her friends, plus a birthday gift for my nephew!

My sister arrived last night but we won't see her until Sunday, as she's going to visit my brother for a few days.

I'm signing off now, as the laundry is calling my name, and I foresee some cleaning in my future!


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