Up at the crack of dawn

Today the dog work up at 5:30 am. :(

I'll be up for the day, and I though I'd fill you on some of the happenings around here. Me, my BP was up yesterday, 138/98 at 08:30, it was down to 130/84 by lunch time and last night it was 124/80. Stress induced I'm guessing.

Family wise, my Dad has dropped 20lbs over the winter. He's looking more and more frail as the summer progresses. His oldest sister is in the same boat, and may need long term care in a home. I'm currently taking care of another teen, as her mom is finishing school, and plans for her DD fell through. It's only for a few weeks, and it will go fast. DD is getting nervous, anxious over school and graduation, it may be time for her to have a visit with her old therapist just to settle her down. Pet wise, the cat is failing ( he peed in my bed among other things, so he needs to see the vet, and he may have to be put down, this will be a day's task, as it takes 3 people to corner him and get him in the carrier)

The reno's are coming along, but very slow. Today I have meetings, so I'll be concentrating on cleaning the house and getting the laundry done, plus it's pay day, so time to pay some bills.


Jane said…
No wonder your BP is up! Wow you have a lot on your plate. I hope someone is taking care of you.

All I can think to say is remember to breathe, and try to enjoy graduation, revel in DD's accomplishmnets.

Sending you low BP vibes!
The Witch said…
I really don't know how you handle everything that is thrown your way.
I can see why you BP may be bouncing around.
I hope DD doesn't stress out too much about her graduation. I'm sure it will go smoothly.
Too bad about your cat, but sometimes we have to do what is best for the animal. I know what a hard decision it is to make.
Sounds like a long walk on the beach is in order soon!!

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