Today's news

I spent just under 200.00 on drywall for the bedroom, closet area. I returned 1 door, and 2 sheets of plywood ( I have a credit at the store), finished the green board, started the mudding, got paid from the restaurant ( 250), and talked to my sister on the phone, went to the Dr., got the backdoor fixed and mowed part of the lawn. My meeting for tomorrow got postponed until Friday, so I'll readjust my plans accordingly.

Plus I've read all the application for bursary for DD and we'll get those finished this week. ( If she gets all that she applies for it would over 5,000.00 she would have, which would be a huge help!) That's her goal to have to borrow as little as possible for school.

I know have 15 things knocked off my to-do list, with about 45 things left to do! Little by little it's getting done!


The Witch said…
I hope DD qualifies for all the bursary she can get. It will be a great start for her and the relief of not having such a huge student loan when she finishes. Keep us posted.
I hope she is going do do something she will really enjoy for the rest of her life, because then it won't seem like work.

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