This week-end was not so productive...

I din't get my massive to-do list completed yet, but thankfully I have a 4 day week-end coming up so I can get the list knocked down!

Saturday i cleaned the house, did massive amounts of laundry and worked Sat. night. Sunday we went out for breakfast with the family ( 18.00 in total including the tip), we to our favorite National par to buy our passes for the year, but they don't go on sale until today! Came home, had a nap, walked the dog, ate supper, fell asleep on the couch and watched a bit of TV.

This week-end will be busy, but we're going to take an afternoon and do something fun ( not sure what it is yet). DD completed all of her bursary applications, so that's a relief. Now, bring on the rest of the week! My bags are packed and I'll be hitting the road for another week!

Have a great week everyone.


Sharon said…
Your weekends sound like mine! Exhausting! Hope you find some time to rest!

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