Taking the day off

I'm not going to work today, I need to finish some things here at the house and time is running short. So today will be devoted to the painting of the bathroom ( at long last), plus more mud/plaster in the bedroom/closet area.

I did manage to buy groceries, bath the dog, run kids to where they needed to be and get the house semi-clean, plus did mountains of laundry ( I think it was 9 loads). Bathing the dog was an experience, as we now have a dog was center at a car wash. For 5.00, you get 10 minutes to wash the dog, and they have a drying machine too. The dog loved the drying machine, and so did I, as it meant less water in my car. I also got the lawn mowed for another week.

I also worked at my PT job this weekend for a total of 13 hours, split over 2 days. This week-end I'll work 2 nights again.

I must go and get some teens up for school. I'll post photos of the rooms when I get closer to completion.


Jolie said…
Have a good day off. While it won't be one of relaxation, I hope you get a lot of things accomplished.
Canadian Saver said…
I can't wait to see the end results, it's going to be beautiful!

What a great idea, a doggie wash !!!

Enjoy your day off!!

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