Spending money on a Monday

Yesterday I ended up ordering DD's grad photos on line for a grand total of 240.00. Then I renewed her medical alert for 90.00, plus she lost both her necklaces with her medical info on them, so another 55.00 spent on that. She's is going to get the info tattooed on her wrist, so no worries about her losing the necklaces anymore ( I think that's what she'll get for graduation). You may think I'm crazy for doing this, but it will never go away, and the wrist is one of the first places first responders look for information.

I got more mudding done in the bathroom, but still have more to do, but it's looking like Thursday will be the priming day!

Today, I'll hang drywall in the bedroom and closet, tape and begin the mudding there! Tonight, I'll watch the biggest Loser and hang with DD, as she has no commitments tonight.


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