My to do list for the week ( and more)

Bathroom - finish putting up green board ( there's just a little bit to do)
tape and crack fill
apply compound to floor
lay new floor
install door
paint ( prime bathroom)
install sink
buy,paint and install trim
hanging pictures, hooks, etc
New toilet?? ( I haven;t decided on this one yet)

DD's room
install drywall,
tape and crack fill
cut out new door
frame in new doorway
fill in old door
remove old closet
buy light fixture for closet
buy light fixture for bedroom
buy paint for room
paint and prime room
install doors x2
finish floor
install bar for clothes

make list of what I have and don't have for pantry essentials

clean cupboards inside and out ( all 6 of them)
clean stove top and oven
clean fridge
toss any expired food items in fridge
make list of what I need for groceries
clean desk
clean floors
microwave and stand

Living room
wash floors
wash windows
clean couch and chair
repair floor in front entrance

My room
wash all bedding
scrub floors
clean out closet
move DD's belongings back to her room

meeting on Thursday
read for work
send e-mails

To buy
new dog lead
dog food
cat food
groceries ( the bare minimum right now)

Others things
fax property taxes to mortgage company
Dr's appointment
back door being fixed
sit with DD and complete resume, plus applications for bursary's and scholarships

Some of these things will be knocked off the list today, while others will take a few days... or even another week but I feel less pressure now having written down everything! I need to print the list and post it in the house where i can see it!


Canadian Saver said…
OMG, I've never seen such a long to-do list!!

Good luck!!
Jane said…
It must feel great to get it all out of your head and on to paper. Now you can tackle items instead of worrying about remembering them.

Good luck!
The Witch said…
I glad you that's your to do list and not mine.
Right now I'm relaxing with a nice glass of red wine and just surfing the net.
Hope you make a little time for yourself.
The park passes are on sale for $48.00 we picked-up ours today.
Just thought I would remind you because I think you mentioned in your blog last year that you had bought one.
its me, sam said…
Witch - DD and I were at the park today, but didn't stop to get the passes! DD asked to go and we needed a break from the house, we walked and talked on the beach and drove back home. I think that we may go for a few hours on mother's day and I'll get them then!

Jane, I'm glad that I have everything written down now, but there are a few things I left off the list, like yard work.

CS - I work better with a list, and it's a doozy!
Sharon said…
And I thought I was busy....but won't it be fun to cross things off and see all that you can accomplish?
Money Funk said…
To do for the week? You have your hands full! Much success to fulfilling these needs. ;)

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