I've booked my vacation time and job updates.

I've booked a week off in June, and i won't be working anywhere for 9 or 10 days. Mind you, it;s the week of prom and graduation, so I'll be going non stop that week, but it'll be one week that I have no work commitments.

I also booked a week off in August, again I won't work anywhere for 8 days, and it most likely be a staycation, as DD will be off to University a few weeks later. We may go camping for a few days, that will depend on DD's work schedule. Next week, when I'm home DD will be job hunting everyday after school.

Today's plan includes framing in a doorway, buying paint for the bedroom, and possibly a new toilet. I'll also prime the bathroom today ( finally) and make a plan for the outside ( deciding on plants, digging up areas, and buying some landscape fabric to cut down on weeds on the front walkway).

I also spoke to my direct supervisor this week and told him when my contract was done next year, so was I. I'm so thankful that I got to try my "dream job", before making a permanent commitment to it, and I've come to realize that I'm not stimulated by the job. I love to be busy, doing new things and dealing with lots of people and issues, and what I thought would be my dream job, well, intellectually it stimulating, but that's it. I'm speaking with people to find out what I'll be eligible to do next year, so it could mean a move to a new town or city, but I won't know anything for a while.

I must go and get ready for the day, so enjoy the first long week-end of the summer people!


Canadian Saver said…
Not everyone gets a trial run like you've had, so you're lucky to not be stuck in a position that's not for you til retirement :-) Better things will come!!

Sounds good about the vacation time even if you'll be super busy... it'll be for different things, good things with your DD, so worth it!!

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