It's taking longer than I thought! Plus a photo of last nights supper.

Today, i demolished the old closet in DD'd room, hung some drywall and did some sanding in the bathroom. My brother was in town for business today, so he stopped by for a quick visit. He gave me a bit of advice of mudding, which was good. He likes the size of the bathroom and the closet and changing of the doorway.

Now I've got pizza dough rising for supper, plus I'll make a spinach salad. I'll also make some calazones to freeze , stuffed with polish sausage and mushrooms.

DD will help with supper, as she's a far better cook than I. See photo above. Last night for supper she stuffed 2 chicken breasts with mushrooms, shallots, and a 4 cheese blend. Then she dipped the chicken into flour, then egg, then our homemade chicken coating, browned it and baked it in the oven. She made a sauce out of white wine, mushrooms, herb and garlic cream cheese, chicken stock and garlic, to pour over the chicken and potatoes. It was very tasty.


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