I told you so... My spidey senses told me so!

In October a fiend of mine who's the same age as me got engaged. I told her she'd be pregnant in about 6 months. She laughed and said no way... She's expecting! She told me yesterday and said" you were right:, as she was complaining about being very tired and sick last week. I've very happy for her and her fiancee. I've told a lot of friends that they were pregnant before they knew and /or predicted when they would get pregnant.


Canadian Saver said…
Don't you find a lot of our friends are having babies later and later now? It's different than our parents having us in their late teens/early 20s.

Hope they're happy with the upcoming baby :-)
its me, sam said…
My friends are ecstatic about it. I find that my friends either had babies in their early twenties or late 30's and sometimes both! For the past 6 years I must know of at least 50 people that i either worked with or went to school with that had babies.

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