Following a schedule

I've discovered that I work best when I follow a detailed schedule. Left on my own, I'll wander around doing bits and pieces of work, but getting nothing completed until push comes to shove. But, if i make a detailed list of what to do when, along with time allotments, I get much more done in a reasonable amount of time. It's amazing what one can learn about themselves at 40.

DD's graduation pictures arrived on Friday. She looks beautiful and I can't believe that she's graduating from high school. Less than a month and everything will be over. I've made the list for her graduation party, and it's not small. I have a large extended family and so does her dad. I suspect that we'll have around 60-70 people drop by. DD did find out via facebook that her dad is planning to be here. I'll have to call and confirm with him. I do need to drop invitations off to his mother so his side of the family will have their invitations.

I bought our passes to the national park, 47.00 for two seasonal passes. We went yesterday and just walked on the beach, plus the bog and DD and I both agreed that we wished we could bottle the smell of the bog to sell. We saw pitcher plants, wild cotton, lily pads and other "bog plants" on our walk. It had been a few years since we've done the walk and it's a lot shorter than what we both remembered.

I also gave myself a hair cut this week-end. I cut the sides and DD fixed the back that I had hacked off. It looks better and I feel better ( the back was getting mullet like and driving me crazy).

I'm off to work on my list and get ready for the week, as we have company staying for the week, and I need to clear a spot out for her. I'll be doing more driving and cooking but it's for a good cause.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday and the sunshine here in the Maritimes!


The Witch said…
Wow you are going to have 60 to 70 people at your house for DD graduation party. I'm glad you can handle that many people or are you renting one of those outdoor tents?
Is DD University far away, or can she still come home on weekends?
Glad you had fun at the park.
Hope you have a great weekend.
its me, sam said…
The guests will be inside and outside ( fingers crossed for a nice evening), plus I'll have a couch and chairs in the basement for the teens. I'll set up tables both inside and outside for food, and I'll be borrowing lawn chairs, tables, etc. She'll be going to school 4 hours away, but she'll be taking the train to come home or catching a ride with some students she knows, and worse case scenario, I'll be making the drive to pick them up.
Canadian Saver said…
The national park sounds great!! Today's weather was too hot for my liking, but it changed dramatically after dinner, it's now very cool. brrrr

I went to school 2 hours away and always had a chance to get a ride with someone or take the bus or train. I didn't want to come home every weekend once I got used to it, I usually just came back every 4-6 weeks! She'll adjust fast I'm sure :-) At least she won't be all the way on the other coast!

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