Feeling burnt out

I'm tired of the mess and what feels like a lack of progress ( but really its not). Things are coming together slowly, because what I think will only take a few hours ends up taking the better part of the day. I'm fitting the reno's in between work and caring for the animals and DD, so it is taking longer than I anticipated. Today I'm focusing on work, laundry, and I have to work tonight at the restaurant. Between folding and putting away laundry, making meals, marking and the never ending to do list I'm burnt out! Yesterday i was tired, and ended up stepping on a nail, then having the same nail scrap me as I was pulling the footer out of the floor.I was in bed last night at 9:00 pm and slept til 7:00 this morning.

Next week-en is the long week-end and I'm going to have the bathroom prime on Saturday morning, plus the floor installed. So that means on Sunday I will have the sink installed and the door too! If I'm lucky enough I'll have DD's room ready to go too. I'll be working at work starting again on Monday, but they'll be short weeks, and I'll be home again mid-June for the rest of the summer!


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