back at it

Well, I'm back at my regular work place for another 4 weeks or so. This morning was the hardest one yet to leave home. NOt sure why but seeing the dog in the front window and knowing DD was not feeling 100% didn;t make for a happy momma leaving today. But I have a 5 day week-end coming up ( yeah an extra day), plus I only have to be here one night next week makes me very happy.

I took money out of the bank today for groceries, rent, etc, and when I was at the grocery store i forgot I had the cash in my pocket, and used my debit card. So tomorrow I'll put the money back in that I spent on groceries ( 41.41 to be exact). I stopped into the local Frenchies and bought a wrap dress for 3.95 and a pair of capri's for 4.95, spending a total of 9.87 for clothing. The capri's I fell in love with the minute I saw them ( a plaid type), and the wrap dress will be perfect for the week of graduation. Now all I need to find is a few t-shirts and I'm all set. I've got lots of flip flops, and summer sandals, so I won;t need anything in that department.

I must go and get out of the sun for a bit, my allergies are acting up tonight and I don;t want to have red, itchy eyes tomorrow!


The Witch said…
Going back to work after the weekend is always hard. It must be harder for you because of the drive and then the fact that you don't actually get to come home till the end of the week.
I'm really looking forward to the long weekend also, I have been burnt out at work.
Frenchy's and Value Village are my favorite stores to shop at.
I hope DD get's all the bursaries that she has applied for.

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