What's running through my mind tonight...

I have the week-end off... Which means 2 whole days doing the renovation. Which in turn will mean that DD will be in charge of making meals, the dog will need some TLC, and I, fingers crossed I will have a lot done in the bathroom. ( Drywall hung, taps ordered and flooring picked out and up).

DD has all her things sent into for University, she's applied for residence and I've paid for her seat.

Eleven weeks until graduation... She was supposed to pay her grad fees this week, as I made sure she had the cash on her Tuesday morning when she went to school. The only things I have left to do is order invitations, big families add up quick - my family alone for the party 30 invitations, her dad's I'm guessing 15-20, family friends - another 25, so I'm guessing that I could have over 150 people floating through my house in an evening. Holy Moly... I'm planning on BBQing hot dogs and hamburgers, plus salads and picky stuff. DD wants cupcakes instead of a cake, so that should be easy to bake.


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