The water lines are all changed!

All the water lines inside the house are changed thanks to a great plumber. He even moved my hot water heater from in between the washer and the furnace to another area ( beside the old laundry sink). I actually have room to walk around the furnace now. He left all the copper tubing, and I need to remove the fittings from it, and I can get a little bit of money for the copper. ( Total cost = 2,100.00 that includes labour, materials and taxes).

So yesterday was clean up, moving things around, taking 2 doors out, frames and all, getting the new doors- 3 @80.00, vinyl flooring ( taxes in 78.00 and I'll install it my self), plus 2x4's for the framing. Today I will get green board up, plus install one door. I opened up the new vanity and I really like it. I'm going to change the handles on it as they're not my style, but I have a buyer for the ones that came on the vanity.

As far as picking out a paint color, I'm not ready for that but I'm thinking of either a soft aqua or a soft green color. I was looking at accessories and saw that "Oregon Cottage" used hooks instead of a towel bar and I really liked that look. So, I'm going to borrow her idea and install hooks. The plumber will come back and finish up the tub once I have it installed, so that's another worry off my mind.


We need a plumber in this house, as to say it is iffy the plumbing would be a bit of an understatement.

Thanks for popping by and commenting. I poked all the tent caterpillar nests out of the trees with a stick, so lets see if that will work?

Great blog by the way,

Gill in Southern Ontario

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