Today's the day...

The new walls will be built, the tub installed ( but not hooked up), and the green board up on 3 walls. Yesterday I did nothing except deliver Tupperware and wipe up the floors and shower. I've been sick for the better part of a week, and yesterday I had no energy whatsoever. I slept a lot yesterday and feel a bit better today.

DD will be gone all day today for school, and three days next week. I have an appointment to get my tires changed on Monday morning ( Studded tires need to be off by May 1st), so that will cost 20.00 plus tax.

Other than than that let the building begin!


Anonymous said…
I hope you'll post "after pics"! :) I hope you're feeling better soon! Seems to be something in the air as hubby and 2 of my kids were sick too! Take care!! hugs!
Jolie said…
It's very exciting when the chaos and mess of renovating start coming together and you can see how it's going to look.

I remember when we redid our bathroom. It had been hideous and falling apart. The night it was done I took a bubble bath and just curled up there in wonder at all the changes in there. Not fancy by any means, but clean and new and fresh and not breaking down at all!! I remember saying "ohhh I won't mind cleaning this bathroom at all" LOL that feeling passed.
The Witch said…
Sam, Hope you are feeling better soon. Seems to be a bad flu bug around.
Your bathroom is coming along nicely and I love seeing all the pictures.
Can't wait to see more up-dates.
Have a great weekend.

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