To do list for the week-end

My to do list for the long week-end or the joy of being a home owner:

1.) clean out DD's bedroom- this entails moving the bed, the dresser the make-up table and bookcase out, plus find a temporary home for 2 guitars and 1 bass plus amp, de-cluttering her belongings ( she's already started on this).

2.) moving the spare bed, the dresser and night table, plus the cat's litter box and food dishes to DD's room, where they'll stay for the reno's.

3.) bathroom - tear out wall, tub, plywood walls, tear out old closet, buy insulation and new dry wall, plus tape for spot where old closet was. Take up flooring, put new plywood down, re-insulate the bathroom wall and wrap it in plastic. Decided when I'll take the sink and flush out, as I plan on getting that done and replaced in 1 day, 2 max.

4.) outside - trim shrubs, pick up dead fall from the winter and clean up dog poo ( I did this a lot during the winter but still!)

5.) do some marking, finish up anything that needs to be finished work wise, typing and general clean up.

6.) buy a few groceries and Easter treats.

7.) Have some fun, as it will be nice and warm this week-end ( up to 20 degrees Celsius)

8.) return books and DVD's to library.

9.) work on Friday night.


Jane said…
Busy weekend! Remember to take some time for you too! Have a blast tearing down the wall, that is something I have always wanted to do. Take lots of pictures!
its me, sam said…
The rooms have been switched, my room looks like a bomb went off in it right now, dry wall dust all around, exploding pipes ( yes, the pipe actually let go just before I left for work), plumbers coming Tuesday morning for a quote, I went to high school with him and he's awesome. The wall is down, I need to do the clean up, I'll be buying insulation, vapor barrier and green board, plus tape and primer tomorrow morning. The wall construction will happen next week-end as I'm not working.
Canadian Saver said…
Wow. You have so much going on... Hope you take some time to enjoy Easter too!

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