Sunday night... AKA reflection on the week...

I managed to get a lot done but not everything I wanted. I did get 2 walls completely stripped, plus the old sink and vanity out in one piece. I put the vanity on the grass by the street with a sign that said take me, I'm free. DD and I went out for a bit and when we got home the sink and taps were gone, along with the sign. I started to take the ceiling down, which I finish tomorrow, along with the plywood walls. By this time tomorrow night I should have all the new green board up. My sister who rocks at taping and plastering is going to do the corners and all the seams! I love my family.

Today, on the breakfast menu was quiche, with red peppers, onions, broccoli and ham. Plus I made a fruit salad that we'll be eating for a few days. Supper tonight was a recipe from the Pioneer woman the Cajun chicken pasta. . It was amazing... DD and I loved it. I'll be here tomorrow, as my lap top died ( it has a virus that's killed it I think), and work will try to fix it!

This week I read " the girl who played with fire", I need to find " the girl with the dragon tattoo" now. Very good, I loved the characters. I'm currently reading " the cellist of Sarajevo".


Canadian Saver said…
You're amazing to be doing all that by yourself!!

The lady at the library was telling me about that series... she said it is awesome! I'll need to check it out!
The Witch said…
Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.
I love putting things out to the curb side with a free tag on them, they always seem to vanish.
I'm glad your Sister is good at the taping. I just hate sanding the drywall before painting because it goes everywhere.
Good luck on your reno, hoping to see before and after pics.
Col said…
I'm reading the blog of someone who cooks exactly what I want to eat - go you! Dinner at your house next week! Inspired by your up and attem attitude on getting everything done in a timely manner. Grace and great karma to you and your dd :) Col

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