So far this weeke-nd

I have everything done except for number 5, and I have everything bought for the bathroom, i still don't have the plywood walls down ( my hose has the outerwall, insulation, and an inside plywood wall with gyp-rock over top.

I bought groceries, returned books, bought supplies for the bathroom, went out to supper at a relatives house, boxed and bagged up the remains of the wall, worked Friday night ( and my labor was too high, so I'm in a bit of trouble... oops). Yesterday afternoon DD and I sat outside and read our books. I drank 1 beer and it hit me very fast, so I went inside and had a nap!

DD's surprise? A strand of 6.7 mm pink/ pale coral cultured pearls. ( They were purchased legally no worries and it didn't break my bank)

Today we'll have lamb for supper ( DD will cook it), plus we'll do something else that's fun.


Canadian Saver said…
You've been very busy!!!

DD's gift sounds really, really nice....

enjoy your lamb!
Jane said…
Great job getting so much done!

Pearls are so pretty, I hope she gave you a dime.

Have a great dinner. :)
Col said…
I think it's brill that you got your daughter pearls. My parents gave me the option of pearls or my high school ring and I thought when I'm 22, I'm not going to want to wear a silly high school ring but pearls are classic, I'll wear them forever. I have. I think that if it's possible all women leaving high school and going into the real world should be given pearls by a relative, as a right of passage and to let them know they are just as unique as each pearl and can sparkle and shine just as lovely :) GO YOU SUPER MUM!!!

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