The plumber has arrived! ( edited)

The plumber is here, doing a quick fix so i have hot water again. He'll come back and put all new plumbing fixtures in. the total cost, about 2,100.00 to have the house redone! Which will be a good thing, as it will help to increase the resale value of the house.

for the bathroom reno I still need the taps, the flooring and paint ( I'll need about another 1,000 I figure by the time it's all said and done!) So having the bathroom gutted and redone will have cost under 5,000.00. I must go and finish things up in the house before I leave for a few days. Here's to a great week everyone!

I should explain that when I bought the house it was written in the house sale thinging that the plumbing was redone in 1995. Today, the plumber told me that it was original to the house ( 40 years old). From now on, everything will be good with the house. ( Actally I'd sell it back to the people I bought it from for twice what I paid for it if they coming knocking!)


Canadian Saver said…
Ouch, that's going to be a big bill... but a new bathroom will be great!! Hope we get to see pics :-)

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